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Is your Dog behavior or barking seems dangerous sometimes? Learn how to understand dogs better

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Is your Dog behavior or barking looks dangerous sometimes? Learn how to understand dog instincts

Youtube Link : Watch it till it ends Identify the body language of dog before its too late. Every Dog gives a signal before happening of something very fatal or bad. Identifying the dog behavior, body language, barking of a dog is tricky. Its all about dog understanding and communication .

Is your dog behavior scaring you ?? Here are some dangerous Signs of a Dog which should be fixed !!!

Sometimes ignoring these dog signs can be very dangerous for family. We often ignore dog behavior change. A study says that dogs do feel jealous and can be creepy sometimes when not taken care properly. Dog behavior is always tricky and tough to understand. In this post I will tell you some very important signs which we always need to care of. When we get a puppy we mostly love them as our own kid and later on when any family member get pissed off or bored of taking care in results the dog become aggressive and unhappy. When your dog growls at you while taking back the toy -  Animals can be territorial and it's very normal, it is in their blood, obviously dog is also an animal so if you are not giving him love or if you are not giving him time then slowly the dog becomes lonely and stressed. He will stop trusting you and which means he will not consider you as his master. Dog obedience is important. When he continuously showing

Without dogs home is not a home ! For all dog lovers who miss their dogs who are in heaven now!

We often come across with this question, When is the right time to get a new dog, Do i really need a dog?  Why to have a dog?  What parents gonna say about new dog idea? Bla Bla... Well the answer is Love Yes Love If you have immense desire to have a dog then nobody in this world can stop you to get a dog.  Be it any breed whether its a Labrador, rottweiler, Pug or any other breed. Important thing is what dog breed will suit you better and how much research you have done for the desired breed. Steps you need to follow to get a dog 1) Decide the breed 2) Research thoroughly about the breed 3)  Talk to your family members and then step further 4)   Make all the plannings &  arrangements before getting a puppy or a dog 5) Choose the right legitimate local breeder 6) Promise yourself that you gonna take care of him till your last breath :) Best thing ever can happen, when you have a pretty dog at home ;)